How To Stay Organized

My Gift to You

If we do business, Lund Life Transitions will pay for your access to a premier, award-winning online software service that will enormously simplify your job as the estate’s personal representative. If someone had made a product like Quicken or Mint just for your work as a personal representative . . . well, this is it. Your attorney’s office will be especially grateful to you for making their job so easy over the months or years to come.

Learn more at the very useful website that this company provides.

Stay Organized

I have a special relationship with this provider. For you, how does it work? You and I just set up a free trial for you to let you decide whether you would like to use this software. I will give you a few pointers while you learn the ropes. If you like the software, I will pay this up-front cost on your behalf. It would cost you a few hundred dollars to purchase the subscription without your connection to Lund Life Transitions. When I buy it for you, you might very well save hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and even your sanity. It’s not just accounting software – it’s like having a personal guide and mentor. Your access also comes bundled with discounts to many other services that you might use during your service as a personal representative.

Does staying organized really make that much of a difference? The software system might not be able to make everything in the left-hand column go away, but you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

How Does it Work?

The “Traditional Way” to Stay Organized Staying Organized with Estate Exec
You may not even know where to start. Thorough, pre-made task lists tailored for your situation and all locations you need to deal with, even in multiple states.  The list includes things you might not have thought of.
You need to remember long lists of questions and wait for experts to answer them for you. Immediate explanations and background for what you need to do, using non-technical language.  Useful tips and secrets.  When you do have time, spend more of that time making progress than waiting for someone to get back with you.
Searching the Internet and calling around to find parties you need to talk to. Contact information and links to external resources right at your fingertips.
Trial-and-error as you fill out and submit forms. Save time by being guided away from expensive mistakes early on.
Type the same information over and over again into forms. Enter information once and have it pre-populated when you need it again.
Record ongoing expenses in multiple spreadsheets. Keep track of all ongoing expenses and other transactions in one place online.  Import directly from the bank, if you want.  If you choose to accept a fee for your services, keep track of your time and what you’re owed.
Perform long, complicated calculations from a large amount of data.  Ensure updates are made in all the right places. Generate beautiful reports automatically.  The software does all the calculations for you.  Updating information in one spot updates it everywhere.
Making an endless number of phone calls, texts, and e-mails to keep people updated about what’s going on. Enter information once, share it automatically with attorneys, family, or anyone else who needs to see it.  You control what they can see and whether they can update it.

Certified Probate Experts

Some people ask why I provide this service. Frankly, if you choose me to join your team, this resource will be helpful to both of us. You are in no way obligated to consult with me about real estate matters when I make this purchase for you, but I believe you will be likely to do so or at least refer others to me. This long-term way of doing business falls in line with the philosophy of generosity followed by the guild of Certified Probate Experts, of which I am a member. In the long run, the seeds of good will we sow in the community will come back to us.

If you would like me to buy Estate Exec for you, please contact me!

Administrative Assistants

Realistically, does your estate settlement situation entail more work than you can take on yourself? Do you have too little time, are you too far away, or do you have pressing concerns with other matters? Independent administrative assistants in this area might be the solution you’re looking for. For a fee paid directly to them, they can take care of chores and errands, help you make and keep appointments – as little or as much help as you need, when you need it.

Do you feel an administrative assistant can help you move forward with probate work? Please reach out to me to learn more!

I Can Do Many Things For You For FREE!

If you really need to lean on someone for a lot of help, it is probably best to hire that help, but please remember that I am willing to assist you directly wherever possible. Especially if I am helping you with real estate, my working objective is to go over-and-beyond in removing worries from your mind.