How To Get Value

Don’t Lose Out!

The deceased person you represent was unique. This unique person may very well have left behind a unique legacy of collections, objects, possessions, and businesses that will have monetary value to someone. In order for you to reach that monetary value, you might need professionals who can correctly price things out and find buyers for you.

Get Value


For real estate, I am able to provide a broker price opinion, which is an unofficial estimate based on sales data in that area. I am also have connections to trained, professional real estate appraisers who can provide a more thorough and detailed analysis of a home’s value, such as would be required by a lender.

Do you need to find an appraiser for something that needs to be sold?  Let me help you!


It’s useful and important to know value, but how do you find buyers who will pay that value? That’s where a broker comes in! There are professionals who can assist in finding buyers for a business, artwork, antiques, special collections, and more.

I specialize in real estate. There are many ways to sell a property, and the method that you choose should best meet your needs.

If you have something to sell, please let me help you find the right professionals!