How To Preserve Belongings

If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth protecting

A home or other real estate is often among the most valuable assets of an estate and might be able to provide a lot of needed funds. The contents of a home might be priceless. What can we do to protect them?

Preserve Belongings

Dealing with Trespassers

When a house stands empty, it is at risk of entry by uninvited people. This can be a real threat. For example, heirs might innocently make unauthorized entry to gain access to personal effects left behind or even not-so-innocently vandalize the property intentionally.

Another crazy thing that actually happens: squatters might move in and call the property their own home. Unless certain criteria are met, charging them with illegal trespassing and then evicting them can be difficult. It’s true: the government will uphold their “right” to be there! During their stay – which could be weeks, or longer – you can’t sell the property, and they might even destroy the place. According to Texas law, one way to strengthen your position in keeping trespassers out is to place a “no trespassing” sign in a prominent location. This is such a simple act that can bring big dividends to you. Would you like me to help you with this?

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In a probate situation, it’s not uncommon that a house is left without occupants for a time. During this period, if a fire breaks out or a water pipe breaks, homeowner’s insurance will cover the damages, right? Well, maybe not – please check your policy! Often, a homeowner’s insurance policy will have a clause that says that, if a house is unoccupied for 30 days or more, the damages are not covered. Instead, there is a special kind of insurance called a vacant house policy. I have personally purchased such policies.

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Home Organizers

Some people have a knack for taking chaos and turning it into something beautiful. If you are staring at piles of stuff and don’t know where to start, professional home organizers might be exactly what you need to translate your wishes into reality. Do you want to find one?

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Specialty Movers

There are lots of moving companies out there. Some services will come and throw boxes in a truck, and for you that might be fine. You might need a crew that has extra time, care, attention to detail, and skill for certain kinds of moves. You might have special objects to be moved, like a piano.

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Will any storage facility work for you, or do you really need to protect something valuable? Certain items might be safer in a storage facility than in a house, especially if you are concerned that someone who knows the whereabouts of a house might break in. Climate control? Storage for a car, boat, or RV? The storage might be a temporary situation, or it might be a more lasting solution as a survivor moves into long-term care.

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Home Clean-Out

Are you dealing with a home that needs a cleaning, changing locks, and some minor repairs before it goes on the market?

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