What You’ve Just Discovered, In A Nutshell

Lund Life Transitions is an unusual concierge service that lightens the load of families when they are moving a loved one into assisted living or settling an estate after a loved one’s passing.  You now have resources to remove roadblocks and win back your time. Much of my work, including professional introductions, comes at no charge.  Lund LT is your ally in a wide range of problems and specializes in real estate.  I focus on people, not just things. Together, we’ll overcome your challenges!

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What You’re Doing Isn’t Easy

Most people have no idea how hard your job is as the personal representative of an estate. In our society, we don’t talk often about this role, even though it is an absolutely essential function. We don’t even think about it unless it drops in our laps – and then it can be overwhelming: the time demands, the obstacles, the headaches, the emotional roller-coaster….

You were probably selected to be a personal representative because you are a responsible and capable person, but the experience stretches everybody. Read more here.

For Example

Are you worried about a loved one who is still alive, or even yourself?

Do you need money to finish what is in front of you, yet you’re running out of money?

Are you struggling to keep up with requests from an attorney and keep all this information organized?


Are you cleaning up a complicated, seemingly impossible mess?

Are you getting bombarded by demands from the court on one side and by heirs from the other side?

Is there a house that will be challenging to sell?

A whole community in Dallas is waiting to do what you ask

You don’t need to handle all of this alone. Have you wondered whether there might be professionals or volunteers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area who have exactly the skills and resources to shoulder burdens for you? You have just found these people! You have solved all of these problems – and many more!

Just to be clear, your attorney plays a key role – and I know great attorneys – but there’s so much on your plate that an attorney’s services don’t cover. There are people who can help put the tasks on track that you want to keep doing yourself, then take care of the rest for you efficiently and with a wealth of experience behind them. Many ways are available to take advantage of this help. Did you know that you might be able to receive reimbursement out of the estate for many professional services? If you have felt overwhelmed or isolated, finding allies in your efforts is emotionally powerful.

I am a hub of this community of professionals, and I can be your ally.

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I am here in Dallas for you!

My name is Michael Lund, and I’m a specialist in probate-related issues and helping families finance long-term care, including the move into assisted living.  I’m based in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. My own specialty is finding ways to leverage real estate to solve estate-related problems for you. I can offer many options to someone who is concerned about real estate, and the option you choose should meet your needs. Do you need someone to buy a house? Do you want to publicly market that house, or do you more highly value privacy? Highest possible price, or easy and lightning-fast sale? Solve somebody’s credit problems? Create stable income for someone who needs it?

Please reach out to me for advice and connections even if you are not concerned about real estate. This is a unique offering: to you, it will feel like a virtual, one-stop concierge service for estate settlement needs that your attorney will typically not cover. My goal is to make a difference: no one goes away empty-handed after talking with me. What you’re doing is hard – it can be helpful just to talk to someone. If I don’t immediately have the answer you need, I will help you find your answers through my connections.

At any point in the process, it’s always zero cost to communicate with me by phone, e-mail, video chat, in-person, or whatever. Understanding what you actually need and want is my focus. If you’d like, I will personally pay to keep your personal representative activities organized. Just ask me! The resource I offer you at no charge will enormously streamline work with your attorney and everyone you deal with and could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

This website is for you. It is meant not just for information, but also as a celebration of life. After all, the difficult task you have taken on IS a celebration of one person’s life. Please enjoy your tour here! I hope you find answers and inspiration, and I look forward to meeting you soon!