How To Revive Homes

Bringing New Life to a Home

When a house is sold, it usually needs to be touched up a bit. Sometimes, a LOT of work is needed just so that someone can live there. If you have the money, drive, patience, time, and talent to take care of it yourself, the work of fixing up the house might even be fun. Not everyone is in this category, though – and there is absolutely no shame in that.

As the personal representative to an estate, you’re entitled to a wide range of feelings about a house that needs a lot of repairs – and you can experience all those feelings at the same time. You might want top dollar for that house. You might just want to get rid of it as quickly and easily as possible. On the other hand, does the house have sentimental value to you? Would it be satisfying for you to see the house restored so that it means as much to someone else as it meant to you?

Revive Homes

Do You Want to “Do It Yourself”?

If you want to locate and pay reputable professionals to do the work for you, I can help you make those connections. My referrals are guided by personal experience or the experience of members of my network. Again, I do not accept kick-backs from the businesses I help you find.

Just contact me for referrals to professional craftspeople!

Make the Repairs Someone Else’s Problem

If a house is in poor condition, it can still be publicly marketed. Occasionally, someone will be interested in buying the house for themselves and fixing it up. More often, the home can become a candidate for someone’s investment. The expected costs and risks of repairing the house are figured into the sales price of the home. Investors often can take the house off your hands very quickly. If you’d like, you can ask to see the completed results.

I would love to discuss options with you – please contact me!

Partnering with the Estate

In some cases, an investor may be willing to partner with the estate in renovating a house. A contract is made without actually selling the house to the investor. The investor pays for and manages the repairs, greatly enhancing the value of the house. When the house is sold at a higher price, the investor recovers expenses incurred during the renovation, and you both share the profits from the sale.

If you would like help in finding an investor to partner with your estate, please reach out to me!